At our eight melting furnaces, we at RAESCH employ electric fusion, the most commonly used process for manufacturing quartz glass.

In the fully continuous melting process, quartz sand is constantly fed into the melting crucible, which is heated electrically to more than 2000°C (induction). Inside the crucible, an oxygen-free atmosphere prevents silica reacting with the crucible. The molten glass is drawn out at the end of the crucible in the form of tubes or rods.

Quartz glass is manufactured at RAESCH both as a standard product for large-scale production and as application-specific custom-made products. Unique in Europe, we produce top-quality feedstock tubes with a diameter of up to 300 mm.

We use only high-purity prepared quartz sand for our products, and we ensure consistently high production and quality standards by means of continuous process monitoring and stringent quality tests.