Resize Tubes

Raesch Quarz (Germany) operates its own resize center for quartz glass tubes at the Langewiesen site. On high-performance and modern (high-tech) glass lathes our highly qualified employees produce quartz glass tubes with outside diameters from 70 mm to 1000 mm and a wall thickness of up to 8 mm.

Previously and direct drawn manufactured feedstock pipes in various material qualities are further processed into RSC-tubes in a specially developed two-stage process. In a rotating process, several gas flames heat the material over the whole surface, causing the quartz glass tube to deform in a controlled manner due to centrifugal force. Thus, we are able to vary individually, customer-specific dimensions in terms of outer diameter, length and wall thickness.

Due to the high purity, their chemical resistance and the typical temperature resistance of such quartz tubes are mainly used in the semiconductor and solar industries. There, the tubes are used in so-called vertical or horizontal furnaces as a reaction chamber for wafer production. The suitability of our quartz glass as a process tube becomes even clearer if the substantial quality requirements for diffusion processes or oxidation processes under high temperature influence are taken into account.

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Application example:

  • Tubes for vertical furnaces or horizontal furnaces for wafer production
  • Process tubes for annealing processes
  • Reaction chambers for LPCVD-, oxidation and diffusions processes
  • Chemical applications
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