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Our specialty is the exact adaptation of our quartz glass tubes and quartz glass rods to the needs of our customers. Due to this individual production, Raesch quartz products are used worldwide in the semiconductor industry, the chemical industry, in the production of optical fibers or as gas discharge lamps of special light sources.
For example, our quartz glass products are processed into process cylinders, quartz boats or quartz glass carriers. In the field of rotationally symmetric process sequences, Raesch quartz rods serve as dummy rods or handle rods for the precise positioning of thick-walled hollow cylinders, so-called billets.
Another business area of ​​our company is the production of raw materials for the glass apparatus construction, which are then further processed among other things to combustion reactors or distillation vessels.
In the production of special illuminants and special light sources, our quartz glass tubes form the core of short arc emitters and UV lamps.
With production facilities in Germany and Malta, we are able to process and refine quartz glass components in a variety of different production steps. Many years of cooperation with technical universities and the participation of numerous research projects make Raesch Quarz the ideal partner for your successful product.

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